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Budapest Transfer
International Literary and Arts Festival


Budapest Transfer is an interdisciplinary arts festival with its main focus on contemporary literature. Each edition explores a theme through which we look at literary life in a regional and international context and that gives the core of the programme that is designed to be interesting not only for the literature enthusiast but to the general public as well.

In 2017 Transfer Festival is realized in the framework of the Visegrad collaboration - V4-Literary TRANSFER – The Future - by 7 partners: Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague, Centre for Information on Literature, Bratislava, The Villa Decius Association, Krakow, Psí víno friends association, z.s., Prague, OZ BRAK (civic association), Bratislava, "Korporacja Ha!art" Foundation, Krakow and the Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest. The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

The international literary festival of Budapest

It was in 2006 that the Petőfi Literary Museum (Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum - PIM) – looking at examples of popular and prestigious international literary festivals - launched Budapest Transfer, the first international literary festival in Hungary, as a series of literary and interdisciplinary events aiming at connecting the broader audience with the literary world.

We are lucky to rely on a solid and long standing literary tradition, a big, vibrant community of readers and authors of international renown from Füst to Márai, from Nádas to Kertész and Esterházy. The festival is set in a culturally blooming, diverse and dynamic urban landscape and through partnerships expands its reach beyond the circles of the museum and the scope of contemporary literature to the broader, more universal terrain of culture (and everyday life).

It is and has been our goal to introduce and propagate local and international authors and popularize literature and reading through events that are open to contemporary media, encourage crossovers between art forms, invite science into the discussion and ask topical questions not only about literature and the arts but also about politics, society and the environment. The name Transfer itself stands for movement, exchange between art forms, science, languages, culture and very importantly between authors and the audience.

Since 2006 Transfer Festival presented over 120 Hungarian and 60 international authors coming from more than 20 countries. Partnerships with the Budapest based cultural institutes made most of the invitations possible while co-operations with various cultural organizations from festivals to movie theatres helped Transfer become part of the urban cultural circulation.

Most of BUDAPEST TRANSFER events take place in the Károlyi Palace, the home of Petőfi Literary Museum in the very heart of the city while other programmes, hosted by our partners are at various (downtown) locations. Most events are translated either consecutively or simultaneously. (Please look at the detailed programme.) We hope to attract not only Hungarian-speaking audiences but expats and international literary fans as well.

H-1053 Budapest, Károlyi utca 16.
Postal address:
H-1364 Budapest, Pf. 71
Tel: (36-1) 317-3611, (36-1) 317-3450
Fax: (36-1) 317-1722
E-mail: transfer@pim.hu
Homepage: www.pim.hu


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