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2015. szeptember 08. 18:04 - bp_transz

Budapest TRANSFER IX. /// FUTURE/TENSE /// 28/09-01/10/2017
International Literary and Arts Festival


 In 2017 Transfer Festival is realized in the framework of the Visegrad collaboration – V4 TRANSFERS 2017 - The Future – by 7 partners: Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague, Centre for Information on Literature, Bratislava, The Villa Decius Association, Krakow, Psí víno friends association, z.s., Prague, OZ BRAK (civic association), Bratislava, "Korporacja Ha!art" Foundation, Krakow and the Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest. The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

The ninth edition of the festival zooms in on the future, our hopes and fears connected to it, how writers perceived it and how our contemporaries write about it. We look at a world balancing on the verge of spectacular scientific progress and ecological collapse, amazing wealth and security and suffering and poverty. We explore the blurring line between human and machine, fact and fiction, prophecy and scientific forecast. We invite authors and scientists to discuss what the future holds for the arts, for literature, for mankind, for us?


Details and programme coming soon.

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